About Spiritual Athlete

Spiritual Athlete focuses on cultivating joy and vitality through functional movement and intentional exercise. Our training programs go beyond physical fitness, helping people access their energy and potential, and enhance optimal life performance. Once you can truly enjoy the process of working out, the results will easily follow. Change the way you see fitness and your body forever!


  • An innovative perspective on exercise psychology
  • A personable approach to physical conditioning
  • An adaptable training program with challenging, dynamic movement that aids breath, stamina, energy, and vitality
  • Empowering opportunities to connect the mental/emotional self with physical practices
  • Professional guidance on using inner joy to cultivate wellness and performance


About Jill

Celebrity trainer and executive speaker, Jill lives deep in the jungly beaches of Costa Rica, where celebrities often like to hide out. Her unique surroundings and client list have led to her develop an innovative work out method that everyone needs to experience. Jill's high energy, her focus on pleasure (not pain), and her amazing ability to draw out results (quickly) is why she's so sought after. She's got a knack for tapping into the deep reservoir of energy you didn't know you had and bringing out your inner glow like never before.

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  • Human Kinetics Bachelors Degree -Saint Francis Xavier
  • Bachelors in Education - University of Western
  • Master in Physical Education and Exercise Science - University of Victoria
  • Certified Yoga Teacher
  • Practitioner of Be Activated muscle activation techniques
  • Represented¬†Canada in Rugby and Sprint Canoeing¬†