Elite Private Training

Jill will be traveling the globe over the next year and is eager to work with you on locations. For more information contact Giulia@spiritualathlete.life

One on One's

1. Activation sessions - In today's society, we are living in our fight or flight nervous system- short breath, adrenal, stress, fear; which all affects the health of our body. This activation session will shift you into your parasympathetic performance state, where you have presence of mind, focus, creativity, power, joy, intuition, and much more. We will explore the current state of your body, your compensated patterns, aches and pains, and gain insight on where you can grow. You will learn daily muscle activations and acupressure points you can do yourself! This is your chance to experience this cutting edge technique for yourself.


2. Private training sessions - a combined approach including muscle activation/diaphragm release, Spiritual Athlete principles, and a customized high intensity workout designed for you by Jill. Physically experience the keys to managing your own energy and amount of joy. Learn how to be fully engaged in every aspect of your life and exercise at the same time!


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