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Spiritual Athlete offers ways to increase your energy, change your mindset and allow you to live in a beautiful state all the time. Energy is the key to performance in all areas; creating impact, healthy relationships, thriving careers, fit bodies, eliminating anxiety, manifesting what you want, and most importantly, the enjoyment of life. Train your body to train your mind and train your mind to train your body. Learn to exercise your psychological biceps in ways that will shift your life immediately.

Spiritual Athlete workshops are a combined approach, including (2 HOURS)

  • Spiritual Athlete principles that can increase your energy and change the way you feel about fitness and your body.
  • Cutting edge acupressure point techniques to release the diaphragm and activate the glutes/psoas to get ones self out of the fight or flight nervous system and access the parasympathetic performance state.
  • High intensity workout that allows clients to experience all the principles, physically in their body¬†

Check out the energy, in the video below!

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